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Get a little help with editing ASP files from this quick bar and the set of menus.
Whether it's echo / print() statements in PHP, or write() statements in JavaScript / VBScript, this plugin can be used to convert the selected text to formatted print statements.
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Need to create multiple pages based on a template but with slightly different content? This plugin gives you the ability to do this on-the-fly, almost in a freehand style. Simply type, paste or import the custom data, and generate the pages.
Need to create multiple pages from a single template file? This plugin adds a graphical interface that makes it easier to create duplicates. It can also check if any of the duplicates would overwrite existing files, before starting the batch process.
Adds a new interface for searching in currently open documents.
So you've installed dozens of plugins and wondering if any of the plugins have been updated since. hkDLPlusHelper makes it easier to check if there are any updates for the currently installed plugins.
Demonstrates how to write a batch plugin that can find text in multiple files and sort the results.
Creates a new HTML file containing a Table of Contents of all files in the specified folder and any sub folders. The title and all headings are listed. Where these tags have ids, links to these are created. For those with no ids, links to the page on...
Demonstrates how the batch plugins interface can be used to write site map generators.
Counts the number of words in the specified files.
Changes specified file names to uppercase or lowercase.
Do you know how many lines of markup you've written over time? This plugin makes it easier to count the number of total and non-empty lines in a set of files.
Allows multi-file search and replace through the Batch Action Wizard interface. Includes support for regular expressions and backup files.
Allows multi-file searching through the Batch Action Wizard interface. Includes support for regular expressions.
Allows deletion of multiple files (to the Recycle Bin) through the Batch Action Wizard interface.
Demonstrates how to write a plugin to search multiple files using the Batch Actions Wizard and mark matches. After installing, right click a local Workspace folder, select "Run Action...," select the Action and click "Start" to te...
Demonstrates how to write a simple batch action that can echo the input sent to it.
When combined with build 292's Batch Action Wizard, this plugin can be used to locate files containing tags deprecated in HTML 4.01. Once installed, right click a local folder in the Workspace, select "Run Action" and click "Start....
XML Validator
Check to see if XHTML and XML documents are well formed, or validate them according to the document type definition.