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Although the "keywords" META tag doesn't carry as much weight as it once did, the search engines still look at it. This plugin generates keywords from the most frequently used words in the current document.
Adds menu options for inserting code snippets related to the package.
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Whether you're testing HTML tables or moving to DIV layouts, or trying to visualize your pages without images, this plugin can help by outlining specified tags. This brand new version also offers zero-setup previews.
Demonstrates how to display two sets of HTML content in a horizontally or vertically split preview window.
Files opened from FTP servers can be previewed through a web server by setting the Web Root Address and right clicking the Workspace. This plugin makes it easier to preview remote files through a web server by clicking the Preview tab.
The size of JPEG files can be reduced by adjusting the amount of details contained in them. This process can affect the quality of the image, but the difference is not always visible to the human eye. Compress while viewing the result with this tool.
Sometimes it's useful to be able to preview a small portion of a complex page. This plugin makes it possible to preview the selected code in a floating window.
Adds the ability to change the size ("resolution") of the current window with a click of a button. Similar to options on the "Window | Resize" menu.
This plugin makes it possible to preview the content in the current file using the Netscape/Mozilla Gecko engine. Mozilla 1.0 Release Candidate 2 or higher must be installed and properly configured before using this plugin. Note that HTML-Kit Build 2...
Previews the content in the current editor as an XML file, using the specified browser or the default application for *.xml files.