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Thomas Wach
Counts the words in the current document and generates META tags from the unique words.


  • Counts the number of total and unique words in the current document or in the selected block of text, and
  • Generates keyword META tags for the top 10, 15, 20 and 25 unique words, which can be used to help search engines index web pages.
• Automated Installation:   (What's This?)To install, enter wordcount in the Updates tab. Updates tab on the Actions Bar  • Manual Installation:
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68.18 KB   (< 1 min)
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 Commonly Asked Questions

How do I install thWordCount?

  • Download the "thWordCount" plugin and save it to a folder of your choice (for example, c:\webfiles\). It's not necessary to manually extract the *.zip file, HTML-Kit will expand it to the proper folder during the installation.
  •  Install Plugin
    Select "Install | Install Plugin" from HTML-Kit's "Tools" menu. Point to the downloaded *.zip file and click "Open."
  • If any additional prompts appear, follow them to complete the installation.

How do I run it?

 Actions Bar
 Actions Bar
 Actions Bar
 Actions Bar
thWordCount's icon will appear on the "Tools" tab on HTML-Kit's Actions Bar. It can also be invoked from the "Actions | Tools" sub menu.

Which programming language was used to write it?

thWordCount was written in C/C++. More plugins written in C/C++ can be found on the Plugins page.

Whats' the quickest way to uninstall thWordCount?

Right click the thWordCount icon on the Actions Bar and select "Uninstall." Alternatively, the "Tools | Install | Uninstall Plugins" menu option in HTML-Kit can be used to uninstall this and other plugins.

Do I need the exact versions of software listed under the Requirements?

The versions listed are the minimum versions required by this plugin. For example, a plugin that requires HTML-Kit Build 290 will run on HTML-Kit Build 292 as well.

What's the best way to check which version of HTML-Kit I'm using?

The build number can be found on the "About" dialog, which is located on HTML-Kit's "Help" menu.
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 Plugin Feedback
What do you think about thWordCount?
I Love This Thing!
"WordCount just made META Tag writing fun again. Thanks!"- Amy From Mars
It does what I did before, only much quicker
"I used to copy the text of my web page to Microsoft Word, replace all spaces with paragraph returns, and then sort the "paragraphs." This enabled me to see how many of each word I had, but I had to count them myself. This is MUCH quicker. Glad they were thinking like me, but did better: they automated it, and right inside HTML-Kit, where it belongs! (Now I don't have to automate it myself, "when I get around to it...") Thanks!"- Margaret
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