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Show your Kit and get a link
  1. Take a screenshot of your computer desktop while HTML-Kit is running (while you're editing, running a particular plugin, previewing a site, or other freeze-frame of your choice). The hkScreenshot plugin can be used to quickly and easily take screenshots.
    In addition to hkScreenshot, the 'Print Screen' button on the keyboard (sometimes labeled 'PrtScn' and located near the 'Pause / Break' button) can also be used to capture the screen to the clipboard. Open your favorite graphics editor and press Ctrl+V to paste the screenshot. Save the file in PNG file format. GIF format is also acceptable, but the full-color PNG format is preferred.
  2. Share your screenshots using the "HTML-Kit User Assistant > Options > Submit support file" option. Each submission may contain one PNG file or a ZIP file containing multiple screenshots. You're also welcome to make multiple submissions. Please feel free to add a description and, optionally, a link that you'd like to include with the description. Note that the shared screenshots may get converted to a different file format or reduced in size if they're published on the site.
  3. Some of the screenshots will be added to the HTML-Kit Screenshots Gallery, with the description and/or the link you've provided. Of those screenshots, some will also appear on the HTML-Kit homepage. If one of your screenshots appear on the homepage, your byline with your nickname, screenshot description and the link will also appear on the HTML-Kit homepage for the duration your screenshot is displayed on that page. Thanks for visiting the gallery and sharing your Kit screenshot!
 Kit Screenshots
 Screenshots from the Past
Please note that some of the following screenshots contain snapshots of HTML-Kit that are either obsolete or were only available as experimental test versions. These screenshots are only included as screens from past developments and should not be considered as part of current releases.
HTML-Kit and hkSetupPlus running on Windows 2003
Test running on Mac OS X
Build 292 running on Windows XP
Build 292 running on Windows ME
Build 292 running on Windows 2000
Build 292 running on Windows NT
Build 292 running on Windows 98 with Win95 interface
Build 292 running on Windows 98
Build 292 running on Windows 95
Build 292 running in Wine on Linux