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 Developing Pixels
The following screenshots are from the next version currently being developed and tested. Please note that screenshots and other similar information about such software is subject to change. The tests were first sent to the plugin authors and the next betas will be sent to the registered users.
HTML-Kit Actions Bar written from ground up with new features and concepts, including the ability to use actions without constantly switching tabs and easily mixing actions from multiple tabs.
Visualize a new site layout and quickly generate its foundation.
Built-in HTML-Kit color sets makes it easier to work in your favorite color. Support for multiple icon sizes and themes makes it easier to see icons even when using high resolution display modes.
The brand new HTML-Kit Image Reminder makes it easier to find and insert images by utilizing the power of faster multi-threaded computers.
Create to-do lists for general tasks, a site or each page. HTML-Kit can even create automatic to-dos for adding ALTs to images or previewing in multiple browsers. It can even auto check off items as you add ALTs and more.
View and edit Unicode characters. Save in UTF-8, UTF-16 and other encoding modes.
Find matching { } [ ] ( ) pairs on-the-fly. The matches are highlighted as the cursor moves.
New colorizers with support for server-side scripting inside HTML attributes and multi-line syntax highlighted strings.
Fold away long blocks of code that you don't need to view. The temporarily hidden code can be viewed again by clicking the [+] icons.
(to be continued. . .)