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Don't let call waiting cut into your online connection

If you carry the call waiting feature in your phone line(s), your dial-up connection to the Internet (or any other online service) may be interrupted if you receive a call in the middle of a session. The good news is that it's easy enough to disable this feature every time you dial out by adding *70, in front of your number. Of course, this code depend on the phone company, so make sure that it's the correct code for your calling area/telephone service provider specially if you're not in the USA.

For example, if your current dial-up number is 123-4567 change it to *70,123-4567

*70 actually does the disabling of the call waiting feature, and the comma (,) afterwards simply adds a delay to bypass the acknowledgment of the command. If your dialer doesn't understand commas in the phone number, try using just *70. To re-enable call waiting, simply dial *72.

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