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How to start Netscape Communicator with a specific user profile

Do you have multiple user profiles setup for your Communicator / Navigator installation?
If you start Netscape Communicator after setting up more than a single user profile, you'll be prompted to select a profile to use for the current session. You can avoid this prompt by instructing Communicator to use a specific profile in its command line. Assuming "user profile name" is the actual name of the profile you want to use, add -P"user profile name" to the end of Communicator's command line.
Steps for Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.x users
You may want to create a copy of your Communicator 4.x shortcut before performing following commands, in case you want to go back to a different profile later.
  • Right click on Communicator 4.x shortcut or icon.
  • Select "Properties" and change to the Shortcut tab.
  • Add a space followed by the parameter -P"john" to the end of the command line in the Target input box (assuming "john" is the name of the profile. do not remove quotes).
    For example, if the command line is


    change it to

    "d:\netscape\program\netscape.exe -P"john""

  • Click "OK"
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