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How do I validate my code or check for possible errors?

HTML-Kit has support for multiple tools that can be used to validate code and check code for errors. Its plugins interface also makes it possible to add new online validators and offline tools. Following is a list of some of the validators and code checkers that can be used within HTML-Kit.
In addition to pointing out any errors, HTML Tidy can automatically fix or suggest how to fix many common errors found in HTML documents. The beta version of HTML Tidy can be used side-by-side without overwriting the default version.
HTML Tidy - Batch Mode
HTML Tidy is also available as a batch action that can be used to scan multiple files and folders for common coding errors. To invoke the batch version, change to the "Batch Actions" tab and click the Tidy icon, or select "Tools | Batch Actions | HTML Tidy" from the main menu.
W3C HTML Validation Service
The process of passing the current HTML document to the World Wide Web Consortium's MarkUp Validation Service and retrieving any error messages can be automated using HTML-Kit's W3C HTML Validator action.
W3C CSS Validation Service
HTML-Kit's W3C CSS action can speed up the process of validating CSS files using the World Wide Web Consortium's CSS Validator.
CSE HTML Validator
HTML-Kit can automatically detect and integrate with the CSE HTML Validator if present on the system. The generated messages that are displayed in the Messages Window can be used to jump to the source of the errors.
WDG HTML Validator
To pass the current HTML document to the online version of the WDG HTML Validator, change to the "Online" tab and click the WDG HTML Validator icon, or select it from the "Actions | Online" menu. The messages returned by the validator will be displayed in the Messages Window for quickly jumping to the related line in the code.
The "Actions | Online | WDG CSSCheckUp" main menu option can be used to validate CSS files using the online version of the Web Design Group's CSSCheckUp.
XML Validator
The current file or multiple files (when invoked in batch mode) can be validated based on the DTD or the well-formedness checks using the XML Validator plugin.
Additional tools for checking code can be found on the HTML-Kit plugins page.