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JSP Local Reference

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JSP Local Reference
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Keyword Help File
Adds keyword help support for offline/local JSP reference.

To install the local JSP reference files:

  • Create a folder for storing the JSP help files, such as C:\JSPHelp\ (the ItemPrefix option in the *.hkh file must be updated if using a different folder),
  • Create the sub folders servlet\2.2\javadoc inside the C:\JSPHelp\ folder,
  • Download to the new folder, but don't extract the *.zip file at this point,
  • Extract files in the file into the C:\JSPHelp\servlet\2.2\javadoc\ folder (make sure that "Use folder names" or similar option is checked when extracting the *.zip file to preserve the directory structure),
  • The following folders should now appear under C:\JSPHelp\ :
    C:\JSPHelp\servlet\2.2\javadoc\javax\servlet\jsp, and
  • Download JSP 1.2 Syntax Reference Guide and extract to the C:\JSPHelp\jsp\tags\11\ folder.


  • Once the keyword help plugin and the JSP reference files are installed, place the cursor on a JSP keyword and press F1 to lookup help.
• Automated Installation:   (What's This?)To install, enter hkh_jsplocal in the Updates tab. Updates tab on the Actions Bar  • Manual Installation:
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 Commonly Asked Questions

How do I install JSP Local Reference?

  • Download the "JSP Local Reference" keyword help file. It's not necessary to manually extract the *.zip file, HTML-Kit will expand it to the proper folder during the installation.
  •  Install Keyword Help File
    Select "Install | Keyword Help File" from HTML-Kit's "Tools" menu. Point to the downloaded *.zip file and click "OK."
  • To test the installation: place the cursor on one of the supported keywords and press the F1 key.

How do I use it?

 Lookup Keyword Help
Place the cursor on one of the keywords covered by it and press the F1 key. A context-sensitive help window will appear with the help content or any additional references.

How can the "JSP Local Reference" related help items be disabled?

Open the Preferences dialog using the "Edit | Preferences" main menu option and change to the "Help" tab. Uncheck the help file in question from the "Keyword help files" list.

How do I create or modify a keyword help reference?

Details on how to create keyword help files can be found in the support documents section.

Do I need the exact versions of software listed under the Requirements?

The versions listed are the minimum versions required by this plugin. For example, a plugin that requires HTML-Kit Build 290 will run on HTML-Kit Build 292 as well.

What's the best way to check which version of HTML-Kit I'm using?

The build number can be found on the "About" dialog, which is located on HTML-Kit's "Help" menu.
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