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Describing tables using the SUMMARY attribute in TABLE tags

Remember the ALT attribute in IMG tags? The SUMMARY attribute in TABLE tags serve a similar purpose, in that it will provide a description of the table to users of non-visual browsers. Unlike the ALT tag, Explorer 4.x, Communicator 4.x and lower browsers do not use the SUMMARY tag to display pop-up hints when the mouse is paused over the table.
    NOTE: You may not see a visual change by adding the SUMMARY attribute if you're using a graphical browser. However, HTML authors concerned about their content being accessible in different mediums and users with disabilities, for example, are advised to use provide a summary of the table.
Following is an example of a table with the SUMMARY attribute defined.
HTML code used to create the above table:

  SUMMARY="Red, green and blue rectangles"


<td bgcolor=red>&nbsp;</td>
<td bgcolor=green>&nbsp;</td>
<td bgcolor=blue>&nbsp;</td>

Listing #2 : HTML code. Download summary (0.24 KB).
    TIP: Use the TITLE attribute for tables to create pop-up hints containing descriptions you provide.
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