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How to upgrade IIS 3.x to log extended information

Looking for a way to log extended information such as referrer, user agent, cookies and host names (reverse DNS lookup) in Microsoft IIS 3.x web servers?
If upgrading to Microsoft IIS 4.x is not an option, you can use an ISAPI filter to extend the log files generated by Microsoft IIS 3.x. An ISAPI filter is a dynamically linked plug-in compatible with Internet Information Server's programming interface that can extend its functionality. Some of the following plug-ins may support Microsoft IIS 1.x, Microsoft IIS 2.x, Personal Web Server 3.x and other ISAPI compatible web servers as well.
If you're using Microsoft IIS 4.x+ or can upgrade to it, the Extended Log Format option can log above mentioned information as well as other data not logged by Microsoft IIS 3.x and lower versions.
Listing #1 : IIS web server log related plug-ins
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