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includeHTML is a HTML file preprocessor that processes instructions - includeHTML tags embedded in HTML comment tags - and inserts / updates the original file. The tags used by includeHTML are ignored by browsers, so they can remain in the code, thus making it possible to update whenever something changes in the included files. Key features: * includeHTML will replace entire blocks of HTML code. You write a start and an end tag in your HTML, and everything between the two tags is then replaced with the content of a text file or a snippet in an XML snippet collection file specified in the start tag. * You can mark words or whole sentences as key text. * You can have the current date inserted / updated in a format defined by you. * Headings can be numbered in up to four levels.
HTML-Kit Build 292 or 290
Visual Basic 6.0 run-time library
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 Commonly Asked Questions

How do I install includeHTML?

This plugin should not be installed the usual way, as it requires special installation steps. For details, please see: includeHTML Help

How do I run it?

 Actions Bar
 Actions Bar
 Actions Bar
 Actions Bar
includeHTML's icon will appear on the "includeHTML" tab on HTML-Kit's Actions Bar. It can also be invoked from the "Actions | includeHTML" sub menu.

Do I need the exact versions of software listed under the Requirements?

The versions listed are the minimum versions required by this plugin. For example, a plugin that requires HTML-Kit Build 290 will run on HTML-Kit Build 292 as well.

What's the best way to check which version of HTML-Kit I'm using?

The build number can be found on the "About" dialog, which is located on HTML-Kit's "Help" menu.
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