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If you liked the X-Ray control on the HTML-Kit Find dialog, this plugin takes it to the next level. With this plugin you'll be able to see through editors and the HTML-Kit window.
Need to create multiple pages based on a template but with slightly different content? This plugin gives you the ability to do this on-the-fly, almost in a freehand style. Simply type, paste or import the custom data, and generate the pages.
Adds the ability to take screenshots of the HTML-Kit desktop.
If your web pages tend to have many lists, drop-down menus, categorized links, or long paragraph / DIV sections, this visual plugin can help you create and maintain them. It also makes it easier to edit, sort and even share data with other documents.
Even if you aren't using XSLT on your sites, you've probably considered using RSS feeds to keep your visitors informed. The ability to quickly preview RSS and convert to HTML is one of the options you get with this XSL transformations plugin.
Adds a Go To dialog with 0-based line numbers.
Need to create multiple pages from a single template file? This plugin adds a graphical interface that makes it easier to create duplicates. It can also check if any of the duplicates would overwrite existing files, before starting the batch process.
Adds a new interface for searching in currently open documents.
Demonstrates how to change the InputWizard preview based on the currently selected group/field name.
If your pages tend to contain many text links, this plugin makes it easier to link the selected text using the right click menu. It can also filter out special characters so you can create safe plain text links, optionally with ID / NAME attributes.
hkSetupPlus makes it easier to use hundreds of optional tools written for HTML-Kit, even if you're just getting started, by automating the installation of most additions and updates.
Demonstrates a way to bridge hkScript and HTML Application (HTA) scripts.
Demonstrates how to send commands to HTML-Kit from a Delphi program (not a plugin).
Demonstrates a way to look for a file in parent folders.
Demonstrates how to synchronize hkp_Register and hkp_Main data using arrays.
Demonstrates how to select text between two points picked using regex.
Demonstrates how to insert an <img> tag that's linked to an image using an <a> tag.
Find, select and insert custom snippets using the keyboard with this TagsReminder-inspired interface. You can now test drive the beta version and send your feedback.
So you've installed dozens of plugins and wondering if any of the plugins have been updated since. hkDLPlusHelper makes it easier to check if there are any updates for the currently installed plugins.
Whether you're interested in creating tutorials or presentations for your clients, this plugin can be used to quickly create simple audio visuals.
Demonstrates how to write a hkScript plugin that can communicate with HTML Tidy.
HTML Tidy Beta
HTML Tidy is able to provide fixes and suggestions for common coding errors by analyzing tag patterns. This plugin makes it possible to test the latest beta version of Tidy without having to replace the last version.
Demonstrates how to write a batch plugin that can find text in multiple files and sort the results.
Demonstrates how to open a new editor window from a PHP plugin.
Prefer to use the mouse for inserting tags? This plugin makes it easier to access commonly used tags using the right click menu. It also provides the ability to add new options for inserting custom code snippets.
Demonstrates how to read and update the line at the cursor.
Need a little help invoking your favorite DOM tool? This plugin makes it easier to open external programs for viewing the Document Object Model, such as the Mozilla DOM Inspector.
Looking for a way to number items without using the <OL> tag? This plugin can be used to replace place-holders with incrementing numbers.
Looking for a way to create thumbnails of large images? This plugin can generate a custom size thumbnail of the specified GIF, JPEG, PNG or BMP image along with the HTML code for opening the original image.
Quickly create and insert single-color images, that can be used to add image-based dots, vertical/horizontal lines/bars, rectangles and transparent space holders to web pages.
Creating TABLEs with a few cells is easy enough, but the amount of time required to hand code larger tables can grow in a hurry, especially if there are any merged cells. This wizard makes it easier to visually create HTML tables with merged cells.
Demonstrates how to get a list of currently open documents.
Update your pages often? This plugin makes it easier to update "Last Updated On ___" labels. It can also create new documents based on custom templates with date/time placeholders.
Updates the HTML-Kit root directory on portable drives.
The Open In New Window option in HTML-Kit can be used as a way to create static split views. This plugin simplifies it by using the Output window to display a snapshot of the text in the Editor window.
Toggles the cached write mode.
Copies text in the Output window to the Editor window with optional header and footer.
Too many out-of-date URLs in the internal browser address bar? This simple plugin can be used to clear the drop-down list of URLs.
Demonstrates how to extract string parameters from PHP print statements.
Demonstrates how to preview two sets of HTML content in the internal browser window using a PHP plugin.
Looking for more indenting options? With this plugin, the selected text can be indented using spaces or tabs. It also makes it easier to apply multiple indents.
View the structure of HTML, XHTML and XML documents as a tree and jump back to the line in the source code that's related to the selected tree branch.
Want to look up words in your HTML files in multiple search engines? In addition to making it easier to search the selected text, hkWebSearchHelper provides options for checking the link popularity of your sites.
Interested in writing HTML-Kit plugins in Delphi? Check out this small demo and extend it with your own code.
If you're interested in creating a RSS news feed for your site, this plugin can be used to convert plain text news items to RSS tags.
Demonstrates how to display two sets of HTML content in a horizontally or vertically split preview window.
Can't remember what #ffddee looks like? Simply place the cursor on a color value or a name and click the View Color icon (or press the assigned keyboard shortcut).
Demonstrates how to wrap each line in the selected text with start and end text specified by the user.
Fan of Perl-like regular expressions? This multi-line search and replace dialog makes it easier to convert plain text to escaped regex.
HTML-Kit provides several built-in options for selecting text and tags on the Edit menu. This plugin makes it possible to access these options using the Right Click Menu and the Actions Bar.
Files opened from FTP servers can be previewed through a web server by setting the Web Root Address and right clicking the Workspace. This plugin makes it easier to preview remote files through a web server by clicking the Preview tab.
Displays and optionally updates width and height attributes of the <img> tag at the cursor.
Demonstrates how to create and open a custom Desktop file.
Still working on converting that list of names or links to a table? Automatically convert lines of text to a neatly ordered single or multi-column HTML table in seconds with this wizard.
Demonstrates how to write a plugin in .NET C# that stays on top while editing.
Quickly find, insert and bookmark PHP 5.x functions using this code reference window. It can also display help for functions as you type the names, using a local or an online copy of the manual.
If you use online tools or browser scripts that require you to pass the file content, a little bit of programming can automate some of that work. Be sure to check out the how-to link in the support section for Mark's step-by-step example.
You can already edit .NET C# files in HTML-Kit. This plugin makes it possible to compile them with a single click and view the results in the Messages Window. If any errors are found, jumping to the related line in the source code is just as easy.
Demonstrates how to write a graphical plugin in .NET C#
If a site is dynamically generated, it's not always possible to check for markup errors at design-time. This addition makes HTML and accessibility testing a natural part of browsing by reporting and logging errors as you browse.
No need to jump between windows to invoke GUI applications written in Java. Let this plugin invoke the *.class application associated with the current *.java source file in the editor.
Demonstrates how to read text from the clipboard, and send text and color cube graphics to the clipboard.
Sometimes there's not enough space to include inline descriptions of each text link. This plugin makes it easier to include more information about links in the title attribute using page titles.
Demonstrates how to set the cursor position (with a workaround for supporting the word wrap mode).
Converts < > & " and ' characters to HTML entities.
HTML-Kit has built-in support for dragging and dropping some of the most common file types. This feature can be extended to cover other file types, or the tags inserted by default can be customized as necessary.
Change the graphic that appears while starting HTML-Kit with one of these splash screen bitmaps.
Is making the transition from TABLE tags to DIV + CSS on your to-do list? This plugin provides a graphical interface for building the basic layout and generates the initial tags in real-time.
Have a high changes-per-hour rate? Save incremental changes with a customizable date and time stamp.
Some online tools such as HTML validators can accept files through forms. This sample for hkScript plugin authors demonstrates how to automate the process of invoking online tools that support the file input fields.
This utility makes it easier to send one or more files to HTML-Kit from DOS/command prompt windows and external applications. It can also instruct HTML-Kit to go to a specific line in the opened file.
hkOpen Source
hkOpen source code.
Demonstrates how to look for text fragments using regular expressions and list the matches in a drop-down list that can be used to jump to the location of the found text.
Focuses the specified line while making sure that the several lines above and below it are also visible.
Demonstrates how to add a search box to the Actions Bar.
Converts the selected lines to <option> tags that can be used with <select> tags. Following formats are supported: <option value="text">text</option>, <option value="itemNo">text</option> and &l...
Demonstrates how to display a progress window in a plugin.
Helper plugin for making it easier to invoke WinMerge on the current document in HTML-Kit. WinMerge is a Windows application that can be used for visual differencing of text files and optionally merging the differences. This plugin makes it possible ...
Demonstrates how to use the InputWizard interface to list *.gif image files in the current document's directory, dynamically preview the selected image, calculate image dimensions, and insert the IMG tag for the selected image into the current do...
hkScript Func Names
Comma separated list of hkScript functions.
Demonstrates how to use the InputWizard dialog to get user input. Included are easy to use functions for getting text/string and number/integer input.
Perltidy is a script written in Perl for indenting and reformatting Perl scripts. This plugin makes it possible to use Perltidy inside HTML-Kit's graphical user interface without having to switch to a command prompt.
Demonstrates how to prompt for a file name, read its content, modify the content and display in a browser window inside HTML-Kit.
Demonstrates how to convert the selected lines to wrapped <p>text</p> blocks.
Demonstrates how to add a new command to the Command Prompt window and send the parameters passed through it to an external program. To test, make sure that the Messages Window is visible ("View | Messages"), switch to the "Command Pro...
Plugin written in Python that demonstrates how to use the SGMLParser in Python to indent the HTML code. For demonstration only, not complete enough for production use.
This plugin written in Delphi demonstrates how to run HTML-Kit and a plugin invoked from it side-by-side in a non-blocking way. Also demonstrates how to send text to the editor without exiting the plugin, and how to obtain and create a folder to stor...
Adds the ability to lookup help for WinBatch keywords and functions in *.wbt files. By default this keyword help file expects to find the WinBatch WinHelp file at "C:\Program Files\WinBatch\Windows Interface Language.hlp" The "HelpFile...
Converts the selected block of text to a PHP string. Has support for creating multi-line single or double quoted strings.
Demonstrates how to write a plugin in PHP that adds a page wizard with a real-time preview using the InputWizard function. After installing the plugin, select "File | New from Page Wizard | Create a simple web page using the InputWizard" fr...
Demonstrates how to get and change the cursor location in the editor using a plugin written in PHP. Also demonstrates how to call HTML-Kit plugins interface related functions in PHP.
Demonstrates how to read the full text in the current editor, perform multiple regular-expressions based replace operations on it, and send the updated text back to the editor.
A small plugin that pastes the selected color (instead of inserting the color as the default Color Picker does).
Demonstrates how to get the full path of the file in the current editor.
Adds "Close Current File" and "Close All Windows" options to the right click menu.
The size of JPEG files can be reduced by adjusting the amount of details contained in them. This process can affect the quality of the image, but the difference is not always visible to the human eye. Compress while viewing the result with this tool.
Create more complex and innovative frames as easily as two or three window frames with this graphical wizard.
Sometimes it's useful to be able to preview a small portion of a complex page. This plugin makes it possible to preview the selected code in a floating window.
Demonstrates how the batch plugins interface can be used to write site map generators.
Counts the number of words in the specified files.
Opens read-only files in untitled editor windows.
Changes specified file names to uppercase or lowercase.
Do you know how many lines of markup you've written over time? This plugin makes it easier to count the number of total and non-empty lines in a set of files.
Plugins Generator
Visually design plugins with multiple buttons, tabs, drop-down menus and custom icons. No programming experience is required to create fully functional plugins. Automatically generates source code for plugins in hkScript, C/C++, .NET C#, Delphi, Java...
Plugin API Core Files
Interested in developing HTML-Kit plugins in languages other than hkScript? This package includes core API files for C/C++, C#, Delphi, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Visual Basic.
Demonstrates how to use the InputWizard interface to create dynamic templates. Open the HPD file in Plugins Generator 2.96+ and invoke the InputWizard Designer to modify the template. Press F12 to preview the template.
Demonstrates how to retrieve the selected text, modify it and send it back to the editor to replace the current selection using an hkScript plugin.
<a href="" title=" External Link ">XWT</a> helper plugin that can make it easier to preview XWT templates without exiting HTML-Kit. Make sure that XWT is p...
The standard PHP libraries cover over 3,000 functions. This plugin provides categorized menus, brief descriptions, wizards, RichHints with function arguments, command line summaries, and online help through the HelpZone, for PHP 4.x functions.
<a href="" title=" External Link ">SAXON</a> helper plugin that can generate a new file or open a preview window by applying the selected XSL fil...
Demonstrates how to write a plugin to search multiple files using the Batch Actions Wizard and mark matches. After installing, right click a local Workspace folder, select "Run Action...," select the Action and click "Start" to te...
Demonstrates how to insert starting and ending curley brackets in code blocks ( "{ ... }" ) with indents and move the cursor to the middle of the block ( "{ | }" ). This plugin can be mapped to a keyboard shortcut using the "...
Adds the ability to change the size ("resolution") of the current window with a click of a button. Similar to options on the "Window | Resize" menu.
Demonstrates how to add entries to the Recall Menu and how to retrieve the data assigned to it.
Demonstrates how to perform multiple replace operations on the selected text using a plugin.
This plugin makes it possible to preview the content in the current file using the Netscape/Mozilla Gecko engine. Mozilla 1.0 Release Candidate 2 or higher must be installed and properly configured before using this plugin. Note that HTML-Kit Build 2...
Demonstrates how to use custom icons in InputWizard dialogs.
Previews the content in the current editor as an XML file, using the specified browser or the default application for *.xml files.
Demonstrates how to write a page wizard with real-time preview using the InputWizard function. After installing the plugin, select "File | New from Page Wizard | Create a simple web page using the InputWizard" from the main menu to invoke t...
Demonstrates how to write a drag and drop handler in hkScript that can insert either <link rel="stylesheet" ... /> or <?xml-stylesheet ... ?> depending on the doctype.
It takes more than a simple tag to display Flash files on web pages, but the insertion of SWF files can be reduced to a drag & a drop.
Checks to see if the current text file was saved in DOS/Windows, Macintosh or UNIX mode. The file has to be saved locally before using this plugin.
Demonstrates how to write a simple batch action that can echo the input sent to it.
When combined with build 292's Batch Action Wizard, this plugin can be used to locate files containing tags deprecated in HTML 4.01. Once installed, right click a local folder in the Workspace, select "Run Action" and click "Start....
XML Validator
Check to see if XHTML and XML documents are well formed, or validate them according to the document type definition.
Demonstrates how to write Page Wizards (template generators).
Moves the cursor to the first non-space character.
Demonstrates how to get the tag at the cursor.
Demonstrates how to create an icon at runtime.
Demonstrates how to dynamically update icons displayed on the editor context menu.
Demonstrates how to update the editor context menu (right click menu).
With this plugin you can create links by right clicking the editor and picking the file that you want to link to. If you select some text before right clicking, hkClickAndLink will use it as the link text. Information about the selected file (such as...
Demonstrates how to invoke multiple commands (main menu commands, editor commands, etc.).
Demonstrates how to get the full text in the Editor and send the modified text to the Output window using a Python plugin.
Demonstrates how to get the selected text or the line at the cursor (if there's no selected text), and send the output to the Output window.
Demonstrates how to get the Plugins Config path using a plugin written in VBScript.
Demonstrates how to execute a Perl script through perl.exe and send the output (stdout) to HTML-Kit's Output window.
Demonstrates how to write a plugin to update/modify content sent to preview windows (such as the Preview tab and the Active Preview window). This technique can be used to interpret scripts or resolve server-side includes without going through a web s...
Demonstrates how to extract text from a web page using the strip_tags() PHP function.
Demonstrates how to write a HTML-Kit plugin in Ruby to: read the selected text in the current editor, modify it and send the modified text to the Output window.
Demonstrates how to write a HTML-Kit plugin in JScript / JavaScript to: read the selected text in the current editor, modify it and send the modified text to the Output window.
Demonstrates how to write a HTML-Kit plugin in VBScript to: read the selected text in the current editor, modify it and send the modified text to the Output window.
Demonstrates how to write a HTML-Kit plugin in Python to: read the selected text in the current editor, modify it and send the modified text to the Output window.
Demonstrates how to write a HTML-Kit plugin in PHP to: read the text in the current editor, modify it and send the modified text to the Output window.
Capitalizes the word at the cursor.
Demonstrates how to clear and add to the Message Window using a Perl plugin.
Demonstrates how to retrieve the selected text or the full text in the editor using a Perl plugin.
Provides quicker access to some of the hidden menu command such as "Word Wrap," "Show Hidden Characters," "Insert/Save Template/Snippet", "Show/Hide Workspace/Messages," etc.
Plugin menu with online help references to support W3C's VoiceXML (Voice Extensible Markup Language) Version 2.0 (23-Oct-2001 working draft).
Inserts author information (configured under "Edit | Preferences | Author").
W3C HTML / CSS References
This automated setup installs the offline versions of W3C's HTML 4.01 and CSS 2 specifications. It also installs the keyword help files necessary to use them in HTML-Kit.
Makes it easier to locate major sections of web pages (such as <body>, <head>, <style>, <script>, etc. blocks). Also adds the ability to jump between related tags (such as <td> <tr> <table>, <head> <...
This color picker plugin makes it possible to use a bitmap image as a color palette. Add a bitmap using the "Add Palette" button and click on a color or move around to check the color name, hex value and whether it is a web safe color. Bitm...
Plugin to add support for W3C's XForms 1.0 Working Draft published on 28-Aug-2001.
Menu of SVG tags and attributes to support W3C's Scalable Vector Graphics 1.0 Specification (04-Sep-2001 Recommendation).
hkSVG Source
Source code for the hkSVG plugin.
iHTML Plugin Definiton (draft)
This is a working draft of the plugin definition for a iHTML plugin. To use the included *.hpd file, load it in the Plugins Generator and create a hkScript plugin. If you're interested in contributing to the development of this plugin, please pos...
Creates a hyperlinked list of the most recent files in the specified folder.
Retrieves the current IP address of the Internet connection. Can be useful for testing web servers using dial-up/non-static connections, connecting to peer services, testing CGI scripts, etc.
Searches for a regular expression / pattern string in multiple files and optionally opens matching (or "unmatching") files. New file types to search can be added to the default list of web files by updating the sSearchFileExtensions variabl...
PHP Reference
Adds the ability to lookup help for PHP keywords, functions and constants using the offline version of the PHP manual.
There are many ways to count words. This plugin calculates the number of lines, words and characters using multiple methods.
Generates a JavaScript-enabled drop-down list containing hyperlinks in the selected page. Can be used to reduce space occupied by links.
Looks for files unreferenced from the current document. Can aid in finding unused images in the document path.
Makes it easier to open multiple files from the MRU (most recently used) files list. Can be used to open local and remote FTP files.
Looking for a quick way to create a hyperlinked index? Simply select the lines or words that should be appear in the index and invoke this plugin.
Demonstrates how to replace the currently selected text and select the new text.
Inserts the <br> tag and creates a new line while preserving auto-indents. Same as the "Tags | Insert Line Break (Ctrl+Enter)" main menu option in build 290, except this plugin will preserve any auto-indents.
Before there was XML there was CSV. The Comma Separated Value file format used to be one of the more popular file formats for exchanging data between different applications. This plugin makes it easier to convert CSV files to XML tags.
Moves the cursor to the end of the current line, including whitespaces. Optionally, this plugin can be assigned to a keyboard shortcut as follows: 1. Select "Tools | Customize | Keyboard Shortcuts" from the main menu. 2. Click "Add.&qu...
Demonstrates how to store and retrieve persistent data, and how to reset session-specific data. The plugin will display the number of times it was invoked within the current HTML-Kit session.
Looking for a quicker way to duplicate the current line? This plugin makes it easier to make one or more duplicates of the line at the cursor.
hkScript library file that adds the ability to send keyboard events to HTML-Kit. Once installed using "Tools | Install | Plugin" (select the downloaded *.zip file, not the unzipped file, to preserve the directory structure), hkScript plugin...
Plugins Generator function file which will add a new function to insert the specified text and send the space key. This function can be used to insert a tag and invoke the TagsReminder. To install, select "Tools | Install | Function" from t...
Demonstrates how to add a combobox with a drop-down list to the Actions Bar and handle user actions.
Sample plugin showing how to insert text with indents.
Extracts text matching the specified find expression. For example, this plugin can be used to extract quoted values, image file names, links, ALT text, IDs, names, etc., in the current document. Advanced options: Set the bCaseSensitiveSort variable i...
Deletes matching tags (start and end tags). For example, to delete "<b>" and "</b>" from the following code, place the cursor on either "<b>" or "</b>" and invoke this plugin: <p>H...
CSS Properties List
Plain text list of CSS properties.
Test your pages using different style sheets. This plugin will automatically generate multiple styles for HTML pages without modifying the original code. All you have to do is open an HTML page and keep clicking the hkAutoStyle button on the Tools ta...
Makes it possible to easily copy bookmarks ("Edit | Bookmarks") and marks ("Edit | Marks") from the current document and recreate them in a copy of the same document. Also provides a button to clear all bookmarks and marks.
Extracts specific HTML code blocks, such as titles, headers, links, META tags, style sheets, scripts, paragraphs, tables, forms, image tags, server-side script blocks, etc. Open a document and select the type of code block to copy from the drop-down ...
Converts the selected text / HTML into PHP print("..."); statements.
Plugin to make it easier to create DocBook 4.1 documents.
hkScript 290.1 is an upgrade to the plugins interpreter distributed with the latest HTML-Kit release (build 290). This upgrade is recommended for both plugin users and plugin developers, as it will make it possible to use new plugins that have additi...
Demonstrates calls to file open and save dialogs related functions in HKPAPI -- hkp_f_cmndlgOpen (cmndlgOpen), hkp_f_cmndlgSave (cmndlgSave) and hkp_f_UI_GetFileName (UI_GetFileName).
Plugin menu and quick reference for creating documents compatible with the Open eBook Publication Structure version 1.0.
Text menu plugin to make it easier to create Open eBook Packages.
Python Reference
Keyword help file for Python 2 keywords and modules (offline and online versions). First it'll look for Python documentation under C:\Python20\Doc\ (which is the default path used by the Python installer). If that path is not found, the documenta...
Perl Reference
Keyword help file for Perl 5 functions (online and offline versions). By default it'll use documentation on the Perl web site. To use a local copy of the documentation, edit the perl.hkh file and set ItemPrefix to the root of the POD directory on...
Checks to see if there are any new messages on HTML-Kit newsgroups without opening an external news reader. Click the newsgroup reminder icon on the Online tab to invoke this plugin.
Have an idea for a new domain name? This plugin makes it possible to quickly lookup whether a domain name is available without leaving HTML-Kit. Once installed, change to the "Online" tab on the Actions Bar, type a domain name (without http...
Search HTML-Kit help pages, plugins, newsgroup messages, version history, tips and other support documents from HTML-Kit. After installing this plugin, switch to the "Help" tab on the Actions Bar, type what to search for and press Enter.
HTML Icons
50+ 16x16 pixel 16 color icons (not particularly good looking!) related to HTML tags that can be used in the Plugins Generator and other HTML-Kit plugins.
Menu and quick reference links for the Stochastic Language Models (N-Gram) Specification.
Menu to support documents using the Speech Recognition Grammar Specification.
Speech Synthesis Markup Language menu.
How to add an egg to your plugin.
Converts the selected text into ASP / VBScript Response.Write(...) statements.
Simple plugin to insert the &nbsp; entity.
Menu and a quick reference of XEXPR tags and attributes.
hkScript plugin written to demonstrate how to: 1. save the current document, 2. open the document in an external program and wait for it to exit and 3. reload the document. See also: ExtCall.hks
Menu of MathML 2.0 tags and attributes (contains over 2500 items, which can use a significant amount of space on the Actions Bar).
XHTML Basic plugin. W3C's description: "XHTML Basic provides an extensible XHTML document type that is rich enough for simple content authoring that can be shared across devices from desktop computers to TVs, PDAs, pagers, and mobile phones....
Plugin menu to make it easier to create documents containing XML digital signatures.
Plugin to make it easier to create P3P documents.
Customizable HTML tags and attributes plugin. Includes hkScript source code and the plugin definition file which can be used with the HTML-Kit Plugins Generator to add new tags and attributes. If you make significant changes, please email the updated...
Sample plugin: How to get the current cursor position in the editor.
Delete the HTML entity at the cursor. Entities inside HTML, JavaScript, etc., strings are not supported in this version.
Sample plugin written in Visual Basic to demonstrate how to get the selected text from HTML-Kit, modify it and send it back to the editor.
Search and replace within a selected block of text using Perl like regular expressions. Matched blocks are represented using \1 ... \9 in the "Replace with" field.
Adds paragraph tags to each selected line.
Simple plugin written in hkScript to demonstrate how to insert date/time information in a given format.
"Hello, world!" plugin written in C/C++, Delphi, hkScript, Java, Perl and Visual Basic. This is a good starting point for developers interested in writing HTML-Kit Plugins. Required: HTML-Kit Plugins API core files.
Keyword help file for SMIL 1.0 (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) elements and attributes.
SMIL 1.0 (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) plugin containing shortcuts and short descriptions for elements, attributes and enumerated values.
Inserts a new style rule with an unique name -- .rule { ... } -- and invokes the default style editor to add declarations.
Plugin written in hkScript to demonstrate how to display messages on the status bar and add text to the Message Window. These functions are available to plugins written in other programming languages as well.
A plugin to make it easier to save snippets under custom folders (outside the default snippets folder).
SaveSnip Source
Delphi 4+ source code of the SaveSnip plugin.
Sample plugin to insert "Hello, world!" For learning and testing purposes.
Spell Checker
Why invoke the spell checker if you can view any typos as you type? This plugin provides English dictionaries and enables live spell checking.
English thesaurus for HTML-Kit. To install: go to "Tools | Install | Thesaurus" from the main menu and select the downloaded *.zip file (no need to unzip).
Categorized list of 300+ Perl related functions with short descriptions. Can be used as a quick reference and a way to quickly enter function names.
Sample plugin written in C to demonstrate how to use regular expressions to remove simple HTML tags from a page and leaving the text.
Sample plugin written in hkScript to demonstrate how to open a floating window using JavaScript inside HTML-Kit. This method can be used to invoke tools written in Java, JavaScript, VBScript, ActiveX and other languages that can be run inside a brows...
Create a mailto anchor using the selected text.
Invokes Windows Calculator from HTML-Kit.
Example on how to call an external program, such as a plugin written in another language. This plugin will demonstrate how to (1) save the selected text in the current editor to a file, (2) call a specified program and pass the above file name, (3) w...
Allows quick access to control panel applets such as Internet, display and system properties.
Convert selected text to upper/lower case.